Full workout: Repair and overhaul by Extruder Experts.

Lower maintenance costs, higher product safety. Holistic thinking pays off.

Turning old into new. Extruder Experts barrel repairs.


An expert is known by the way he carries out alterations and repairs. Our expert team is not only proficient in the professional assembly of wear liners, but also knows how to recover cooling systems, modify them cost-effectively and restore them to an “as new” condition. This goes not only for lined barrels, but also for massive barrels. And what's best: thanks to a special manufacturing technology, even originally critical variants without liners can be lined with minimum wall thicknesses and brought back into shape for the production process.

Giving a new life to used screws: Extruder Experts overhaul service for equipped screws.

Equipped screws

Also the repair and replacement of used, equipped screws can be worthwhile. Provided that the work is carried out by competent experts. The Extruder Expert service staff knows what to do when machines and screws have become outdated. The result is amazing: work processes are noticeably accelerated, costs significantly reduced. A reason to rejoice for you and also your team, since they don't have to struggle with the removal of screw elements anymore...

We increase our knowledge by distributing it.


The Extruder Experts wealth of knowledge is huge, because the knowledge that we pass on always returns to us, full of new insights. So feel free to make use of our pool of technical know-how, industry expertise, material competence and practical experience. It's worth it.

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