Analytically sound. Modernization and optimization with Extruder Experts.

More performance, less energy, more intensive cooling, better materials.
Opened barrel of an extruder

Looking for the better configuration.

Configuration advice

Basically, the connection is simple: poor product quality is often the result of a configuration error or problem. Where it gets interesting is when you start looking for the exact cause. Together with you, Extruder Experts sets out to get to the root of the problem. Is it the highly stressed zones which lead to the wear? Feeder problems? A lack of dispersion? Poor distribution or homogenization? Or is it a combination of all these things? Once the cause has been identified, an improvement plan is made, and finally the required optimization. This can be, for instance, the use of optimized feeder segments, which help to feed a significantly larger amount into the machines. 

The bottom line: already within a short time, the additional costs for the segments will be amortized. And profits will rise in the long term.

Detailed view of a barrel with the "Cool and clean" system
Barrel with removed ring and the "Cool and Clean" system
Top view of a barrel

Cool stuff. Energy optimization with Extruder Experts.

Process optimization – Cool and Clean

Heating and cooling both offer potential for energy-savings. Extruder Experts knows how to use them, e.g. in processes running with too much heat that can’t be improved despite a configuration alteration of the screws. In this case, modification measures of the cooling are carried out, meaning that exterior cooling plates are switched to internal cooling circuits, so they are closer to the process area. A further solution to save energy: the barrels with larger cooling holes developed by Extruder Experts, for more surface or the doubled number of cooling circuits.

Also Cool and Clean, the patented cooling closure system by Extruder Experts with a triple groove, contributes to energy-saving. Because it can be opened and closed very easily, it provides help for self-help. In case of a supposed or actual calcification in the cooling, it is no longer necessary to call an external partner to eliminate the problem. Instead it's as simple as that: “Open. Clean. Close.” Instantly. No waiting time. No standstill. Cost-effective. And without environmentally harmful chemicals.

A matter of design. Geometry modification by Extruder Experts.

Geometry modification

The breaking of segments in extruders with hexagon shaft or round groove is a problem. No, it used to be. Because also for this case, Extruder Experts has developed an equally stunning and effective solution: the modified design of involute splines. Small cause. Big effect.

We convert shafts to well-tried spline profiles, according to DIN or a similar design.


Hexagon shafts and also e.g. designs with 4 round grooves always concentrate stresses in the component on a very small surface. The result is that these elements can easily tear. We resolve these construction defects by converting the shafts to modern and well-tried involute splines. That way the elements last much longer.

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