Only the best ingredients.

Exquisite extruder spare parts for your pet food production

Made with love: our twin-screw extruder elements, mixers and kneaders.

Making pets jump for joy at each feeding time requires one hundred percent commitment. Extruder spare and wear parts know what that means. Fortunately, our products have all the necessary qualities: sophistication, endurance and flexibility. When good stuff comes out, Extruder Experts is inside!

Picture of (conveyor) elements (mixers, kneaders, screws) on a shaft
Bowl with dog food

Innovative materials

Safety first not just for humans

Also the food production for our furry friends entails, in most countries, high safety demands that need to be met. Because we want to take safety to a new level, we use a different steel group than the usual one. An Extruder Experts secret recipe, so to speak.

  • special steel group, optimized for food processing

  • approved in accordance with regulation 1935/2004/EG

  • product safety means production safety

Bowl with dog food
Bowl with cornflakes

High corrosion resistance

For unclouded animal lives

Acid, heat, abrasion, cavitation? No reasons to stop tail-wagging. In order to make sure there’s no rust, we don’t rest, maximizing resistance even further. When aggressors grit their teeth, Extruder Experts is inside.

  • resistance against harmful influences prevents corrosion

  • foodstuffs are protected from discoloration etc.

  • appetizing end result for high customer satisfaction

Bowl with cornflakes
Plate with Salami slices

Excellent ductility

We don’t mind bending over backwards

If there’s pressure, we know how to deal with it. Our extruder spare parts are so flexible that they are able to absorb stresses elegantly. By plastically deforming instead of breaking, they ensure uncompromising food safety.

  • high flexibility under all kinds of conditions

  • foodstuffs are free from fragments etc.

  • safe consumption for customer and pet trust

Plate with Salami slices

Simply bark one time, when you need us.

Our service intuitively knows what to do

It’s our philosophy to help first and then ask the complicated questions. Whether it’s about urgently needed spare parts, routine maintenance or a comprehensive requirement analysis – our staff will be there to get things done. When customer requirements are anticipated and met, Extruder Experts is inside.

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Technological treats for your extruder.

All you can extrude: our many-faceted spare and wear parts for twin-screw extruders are designed to deliver a powerful performance in your food production processes, leaving no human or animal wish unfulfilled. When all parts work together in perfection, Extruder Experts is inside.

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Three screw-elements

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