Everything under control. Maintenance and inspection by Extruder Experts.

Better a brief look than a long standstill.
Close up of the wear measuring device

Why do extruders need wear measurement 1-2 times a year?

Because surprises don't belong in a factory.

In an extruder that is ideally in constant operation, the parts in contact with the processed material are subject to continuous wear. At some time, the point is reached where the output no longer meets the qualitative specifications. This can lead to defects, complaints, breakdowns and a shortened service life of the machine. This can be expensive and also affect the image. But when exactly is this neuralgic point reached? There are rough guidelines and empirical values, but as a result of very different conditions and the materials used, these cannot always be relied upon. This is exactly where our Wear and Fair offer comes into play.

View of the inside of a damaged extruder with tape measure

How does the measurement by Extruder Experts work?

So that you are simply safe, we double check.

After that, we carry out the optical inspection: Using a video camera that provides sharp and highly magnified images, the inside of the extruder is endoscoped. By using this double procedure with two different methods, we ensure that even the smallest indications of wear are detected at an early stage. This allows you to decide calmly what needs to be done and when.

Evaluation graphic of the wear measurement
Hands holding a tablet with the Extruder Experts evaluation graphic.

In what form is the result presented?

Sometimes a graphic is worth a thousand words.

Perhaps you have already noticed that the purpose and process of measuring wear on extruders can be compared to a voluntary medical check-up. This also applies to the documentation of the measurement. Similar to an ECG, the actual condition is presented in the form of a graphic diagram. This enables experts to make a meaningful analysis of the measures required - so that only what is really necessary is done. In the case of extruders, the "vital signs" in question are the exact diameters of the wear parts and their changes over the length of the machine.


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