Hard facing – The savings as hard as steel from Extruder Experts


Anyone earning their bread and butter with cooking extrusion of, e.g., food and feed knows this horror: standstill, annoyance and costs, and all that just because the screw's bar is worn out. With the hard facing by Extruder Experts, you can save yourself all that.

Walkways under constant stress
The bar is the part of a screw that is under the most stress. It is the most exposed to chemical and mechanical attacks, often around the clock. There is abrasion, corrosion or deformation and at some point, nothing works any more. What is missing is a surface protection, a protective layer, which makes it strong against heat, acid and especially friction on the cylinder.

Change of shift at Extruder Experts
Conventional screws are not especially protected on the screw flight. With screws by Extruder Experts, that’s different. They are surrounded  by a special hard facing, consisting of a layer with a cobalt or nickel base, and are equipped with additional hard materials. This makes them extremely hard and guarantees the highest wear resistance. This
metal mixture is applied in powder form to enable a seamless application.

The advantages of hard facing
Armoured screw flights are immune to attacks from acid, etc. They offer:

- added volumes due to longer service life
- more protection from corrosion
- improved running properties against the cylinder wall
- lower unit costs
- improved quality of manufactured products

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Illustration eines Schneckenelements mit Panzerung
Hardfacing with hard weld metal against abrasion and friction wear, hardfacing thickness approx. 3 mm

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