Innovation meets Precision.


Powerful drives, high heating capacities, aggressive screw designs and cooling systems that dissipate a lot of energy. With today's energy costs, many extruder operators can no longer ignore all this.

The request of one of our customers for a complete renewal of the process section was no problem for us - but the additional ideas of the customer - a challenge.

Energy efficiency.
The heating was to be changed from heating trays to heating cartridges

Process control.
Optimization of the cooling channels and thus more efficient cooling

Conserving resources.
The barrels were to have highly wear-resistant exchangeable sleeves

Process optimization.
Additional degassing barrels to make the extruder even more flexible in use.

This required not only a lot of innovation and great expertise in design, but also a high degree of precision in manufacturing.

We were able to implement all of the customer's specifications, and the results are impressive!

In previous projects, customers have reported significant savings in the range of 8-15% during heating and operation of the system, but this always depends on the process. 

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